2014-2015 Concert Session I
Policies and Procedures for Registered Members

Attendance Policy
An orchestra is a unique team requiring faithful attendance by every one of its members. Any absence has an adverse impact on the quality of preparation and performance. Check your calendar before the first rehearsal of each concert session and notify AYSO if you are unable to meet the requirements.
• Attendance at all concerts and final dress rehearsals is required.
• Attendance at all rehearsals is expected. However illness, school activities or other extenuating circumstances do allow for a member to miss up to one (1) rehearsal per concert session. This rule also applies to Mentors and Conductor Assistants. Any student unable to meet the attendance requirement could be dismissed from the rest of the concert session without a tuition refund. Students may contact AYSO and appeal the decision if extenuating circumstances exist, such as death in the family, injury or extended illness.
• All absences must be reported to AYSO by email at least one week prior to the rehearsal. If you are ill on a rehearsal day notify AYSO by email (info@ymppa.org) or phone (703-628-2589).
• Arriving late, leaving early, returning late after the break or failure to sign in is counted as one-half of an absence.
Rehearsals Members should:
• Arrive at least 15 minutes before rehearsal start time to tune and warm up.
• Always bring a pencil and your music folder.
• Be ready to begin rehearsing before the conductor steps onto the podium.
• For sectionals, find your room and do not move anything until your coach arrives. Do not touch anything in the room.
• Please respect the rehearsal rooms by picking up around your chair. This includes your belongings and all trash.
• No food or beverages, except bottled water, are allowed in the rehearsal rooms.

Cancellation of Rehearsal
AYSO might cancel rehearsals due to inclement weather or other natural disasters. AYSO, operating in LCPS grounds, must abide by LCPS’s closings. In the event of a weather emergency or other situation where a rehearsal might be cancelled, please check LCPS’s website.

Printed Music
• Music is distributed to members at rehearsals.
• Mark parts in pencil only.
• All music must be returned at the end of each concert session.
• Music is provided to members for educational purposes only.

Advance Preparation of Parts
• Musicians will commit to learning their part thoroughly before the second rehearsal of each concert session.
• Musicians commit to ask private teacher to help with difficult passages. If the musician does not have a teacher, arrangements must be made to work with a mentor.
• Musicians must continue to practice orchestra piece(s) outside of rehearsal time.
• Musicians will seek out recorded performances of AYSO repertoire when available and listen as part of preparation. (YouTube, Amazon.com, iTunes, jwpepper.com, and local library are good sources).
Regular Attendance and Punctuality
• I have reviewed and understand the attendance policy listed on these policies and procedures.
• I will be in the proper place (including sectional rooms) warmed up and ready to play at the rehearsal start time.
• I understand that an orchestra requires teamwork of the highest order and gains its strength from the commitment of each individual member.
• I will faithfully attend every rehearsal (see attendance guidelines) and contribute my share to make the orchestra the best it can be.

Percussion Equipment (for percussionists only)
• I will arrive at rehearsals 20 minutes in advance to move percussion equipment to the rehearsal areas and get it set up before other orchestra members begin arriving.
• If percussion equipment needs to be moved during break, I will help with the move before taking my break.
• I will help return the equipment to where it is stored after rehearsal.

Dress Code
For concerts, the following attire is required of musicians:
A. Black suits including:
1. White long sleeve dress shirt
2. Black bow-tie
3. Black socks
4. Black dress shoes
B. Hair should be neatly groomed
A. Black dress or two-piece ensemble with long or three-quarter length sleeve (below the elbow).

1. No low cut tops or dresses
2. No exposed midriffs or backless tops or dresses
3. No ornate designs such as sequins, beading, open weaves, lace, embroidery or see- through areas

4. No long slits to the side, back or front
B. All ladies must wear black hosiery and black dress shoes with closed toes and closed heels – no sandals or exposed feet

C. Hair should be neatly groomed and any hair ornaments should be modest
D. Make-up should be simple.
E. Any jewelry should be modest and not interfere with playing the instrument; studs or small earrings preferred.

F. Pants rather than a long skirt are permitted.

Code of Conduct and Grounds for Dismissal
Members of Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestras must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the conductor, coaches, mentors, conductor-assistants, parents, volunteers and fellow members. This includes all AYSO-sponsored activities and in virtual media including Facebook and other social outlets.

Use care and attention in handling of instruments. Respect the property of others, especially the facilities and venues where AYSO rehearses and performs.

Members are not permitted to leave the rehearsal site during the scheduled rehearsal time without proper notification to AYSO staff.

All members must silence cell phones upon entering a rehearsal or concert venue, put them in a secure location (purse, pocket or instrument case) and leave them there until leaving the building. This policy is strictly enforced by conductors and coaches, who have the authority to confiscate a cell phone for the duration of rehearsal if necessary.

Immediate dismissal from Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestras could result for any of the following reasons:
• Engaging in undisciplined behavior or illegal activities while participating in AYSO functions. This includes, but is not limited to, vandalism, theft, or the use of illegal substances, including alcohol or tobacco products.
• The possession of a weapon.
• Expulsion from school.
• Missing a concert without properly notifying AYSO directors.
If a dismissal occurs, there is no tuition refund.